Our Artisans & Designers


Tucurinca is the rebirth of ancestral artisan techniques from Colombia. They are the rescue of the traditional coastal chair; reinventing designs, recovering techniques and innovating in materials. A whole range of furniture inspired by the Colombian tropics. The perfect blend of traditional techniques and international standards.

Tucurinca is an inclusive project that involves their talents, creating opportunities for those who are dispossessed of them, giving meaning to their manual skills and taking them to another level.

Tucurinca’s products are a true recognition of the ingenuity of the Colombian people. They work with innate talent; weavers who were merchants, blacksmiths who were bricklayers, and administrators who are now designers. Tucurinca is a tribute to the Colombian land, its colors and its people.




Hermes Romero is an outstanding Colombian artisan, poet and songwriter. He works and lives in Paz de Ariporo, in the East Plains of Colombia, where he and his community make campechanas (traditional leather hammocks). Around fifteen families make a living from manufacturing this product, which takes between two and three days to assemble. These and other handicrafts are made from waste from the livestock industry.

In 2014 the United Nations, through Unesco recognized the Colombian Campechana to be one of the most outstanding crafts made worldwide.

This leather hammock is made from cowhide or buffalo hide. It is chrome tanned and left under the sun to dry. It is spread out to outline a grid with the traditional cut on the surface and cut by hand with a knife. These Campechanas, are made up of three main parts: the center (paño) which is around 2.20 mts wide and 1.90 mts long using up almost all of the skin; the long leather strings which add up approximately 1.20 mts., and the ends or cabuyeras which will hold the string which will be attached to the wall. There is no piece of leather left unused.