DDC & CO started with a love and passion for building custom homes which grew into an intense appreciation for handmade home decor by true artisans.

Through our journeys of learning and inspiration throughout the world, we have been able to partner with artisans in Columbia to bring to our customers in the US what has inspired us the most. These pieces range from beautifully handcrafted hammocks to exciting hand woven chairs.

We hope you enjoy and find inspiration in these pieces as we have. Feel free to email info@ddcandco.com with any questions.

  • Social Impact

    Purchasing our products, helps support the artisan’s local economy. Handcrafted products have a smaller environmental footprint compared to mass-produced goods, because of the use of sustainable materials and production methods.

  • Artisan Handmade

    The artisans we work with create unique and handcrafted furniture and lighting designs. Buying from artisans connects you with the makers and their story behind the product. Our products incorporate traditional techniques and materials, preserving their cultural heritage and craftsmanship that are lost in the world of mass production.

  • High Quality

    We prioritize quality over quantity. Our products are meticulously crafted with attention to detail, resulting in higher quality goods.